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Do you dread looking in your closet?  Do you hate having to pick out ensembles for work, parties, or any occasion?  Do you need to purge your closet, but aren’t sure what to keep and what to toss!? There is help! Reinventing your wardrobe, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe will give you confidence in what you already have. Imagine LOVING your wardrobe!

What I offer:

- Personalize Your Style

- Color Profile

- What to keep & What to toss?

- Making outfits out of what you already own

- Finding the key items you need to maximize your wardrobe




What people are saying about Closet Consults:

Jaclyn: “I recently hired Dana Marie to come do a full closet consult. Needless to say, it changed my life! I was a little unsure of what to expect. I did not want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Dana came in and surveyed every single article of clothing and walked me through what to keep, what to to donate, and what to try and sell. She showed me what items flatter me the best, what colors to focus on, and what to avoid. She also completely revamped my wardrobe."

Lee Anne: “My experience with Dana’s closet consultation was fantastic! I didn’t know I had so many outfits in my closet."

Maria: “Working with Dana Marie was a wonderful experience. I have a different take on fashion ever since our closet makeover together. She is extremely talented and creative, with an eye for style. We put together many outfits from my existing clothes and she gave me a list of things to look for when I needed some retail therapy."

Dede: “My closet consultation with Dana exceeded my expectations and more.  Dana took the time to look at every piece of clothing in my closet, and pieced items together to make outfits that I would never have even considered before.  Dana literally expanded my wardrobe without me having to buy any new clothing."

Becca: "Dana was not only knowledgeable, but extremely affirming, with an understanding and appreciation for individual personality, lifestyle, and body type. She immediately made me feel at ease, and the whole process was just incredibly enjoyable."

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